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MSPA Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub Review

M SPA Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub

MSPA offers a unique range of inflatable hot tubs.

The M SPA Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub has a rich sophisticated look, with clean and modern lines. The hot tub is covered in a tough black laminated PVC with a chunky woven pattern, giving it that luxurious look. With such an elegant design it easily blends with many environments. Beside a pool, on a rear deck or even in the home, the camaro spa will suit just about any place you care to put it.

This inflatable spa display great style and looks more like a piece of furniture than it's main rivals like Coleman and Intex.

M SPA Smart Inflation System

M Spa has designed the camaro to be super easy to inflate and when you want to pack your hot tub away it's just as easy.

The smart inflation process involves connecting a pipe, that's it. Switch it on and the spa will inflate in around 5 minutes. There is an easy to read built in pressure gauge which makes it obvious when to stop inflation.

Getting the air out is also easy, although it does take longer to deflate than it does to inflate. The inflation valve is 2 way and works well to get the air out as quickly as possible.

Built-in Pump And Heater Means A Sleek Design

MSPA Camaro Hot Tub
The look of the M SPA Camaro is greatly enhanced because there's no awkward looking pump and heater assembly off to the side like lots of other hot tub brands. With the Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub it’s all built in, except for the control panel, which extends up from the outer wall.

Controlling this hot tub is super easy. The controls are easy to reach and simple to use. The digital controller has 6 simple buttons that control the water heater, bubbles and filtration system. The panel itself is relatively slim and doesn't look out of place on top of the hot tub.

Crystal Water With An Ozone Water Purifier

An ozone generator is also integrated into the body of this hot tub. Ozone purifies spa water naturally, reduces the need for high chemical doses and helps keep your hot tub free from bacteria, algae and yeasts. Ozone treated water feels very clean, is low odour and tends to prolong equipment life. So having one is a real plus.

Ceramic Heating Technology For Efficient Heating

One feature that sets MSPA hot tubs apart from many others is their PTC ceramic heating system, which heats waters faster and much more efficiently than conventional methods. Most customers seem happy with the temperatures reached and by the fact that they can be maintained.

4 And 6 Person Models

The Camaro Inflatable is available in 4 and 6 person sizes. Some customer reviews have complained that both models are not comfortably able to hold the number of people they claim. You can judge for yourself. The B-130 4 person tub is 71 inches wide and 28 inches high, while the B-150 6 person tub is 80 inches wide and 28 inches high. The size however is comparable with other brands and should not be considered small.

Strong And Stylish

MSPA Camaro Hot Tub
Although the MSPA philosophy places great emphasis on how their products look, they are just as strong and durable as they are pleasing to the eye. The camaro is a very sturdy hot tub.

The covering is thick and made from layers of tough PVC laminate. It's hard to puncture yet feels soft to the touch and very comfortable to recline in. The black colour enables it to blend with most environments.

Solid Walls

inflatable spas and hot tubsThe vertical beams that make up the walls of this hot tub add great strength. There is very little sag when resting against the sides or even sitting on the edge. This construction method also makes for a smoother operating spa. There is very little movement in the walls even when the bubble jets are turned up high.

The B-130 4 person Camaro has 110 bubble jets while the larger B-150 Camaro has 130 jets. Both models have a variable speed blower enabling you to adjust the massage intensity from low to high. The bubble jets are well placed to ensure an even spread. No matter where you sit the powerful bubbles will work their magic and gentle massage your body.

Built into the floor are inflated seats, although they are not full height seats they still are very comfortable and being raised up just a little makes a big difference to posture and comfort levels. Water flow around the body is also improved, with bubbles reaching around your legs and thighs.

Locking Zippered Spa Cover

hot tubs for saleThe hot tub can be covered with a zippered and insulated top cover as well as a secondary inflatable lid designed for further heat retention when not in use or when heating the water. The cover is secured with a small combination lock.

This feature will be greatly appreciated by those with young children. Being able to securely lock your hot tub means young children will be safe from any accidents. However unlike some other inflatable hot tub models there is no insulated groundsheet supplied.

Also available are a decorative range of accessories, including padded headrests and drink holders.

There are no significant customer complaints about the MSPA Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub. Except for a small handful that were disappointed by missing filters or instructions.

Lets sum it up

MSPA Hot Tub Easy setup, self inflation systems works well

MSPA Hot Tub No external pump or heater box makes for a sleek design

MSPA Hot Tub Controls easy to use and heater works well to maintain a consistent temperature

MSPA Hot Tub Spa cover can easily be locked

MSPA Hot Tub Good bubble action

Final Thoughts

A premium inflatable spa with decent features and well worth considering.

It has a comfort level superior to many other inflatables and because the pump, heater and major components are all built in it's quieter as well.

4 star rating M Spa Camaro star rating

M Spa offers a warranty of 6 months on the inflatable spa and 12 months on the electricals and the spa liner.

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