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Intex Pure Spa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Review

Intex PureSpa Massage

The Intex PureSpa is one of the cheapest inflatable hot tubs available. It is incredibly easy to setup and contains a number of advanced features. For those with a limited budget the Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage system will provide a satisfying hot tub experience. The bubbles aren't super powerful but the are extremely relaxing. Great for when you just want to unwind from a busy day.

What's great about portable hot tubs like the Intex PureSpa, apart from the relatively low price, is .. well .. it's portability. It can quite easily be packed away when not required. The whole spa squashes down to the size of a jumbo duffel bag, there's even a bag included to help keep everything neat and tidy.

Lets run through some of the main features.

Intex PurespaThe inflatable spa comes in 2 sizes. The 4 person model which is 77 inches in diameter and the 6 person version which is 85 inches wide. These figures can be a little misleading though. In order to gain enough strength the walls of this inflatable tub are quite thick, 10 inches thick actually. This means that the usable internal size is considerably less. Subtract 20 inches from each model to get the actual internal dimensions. Thus the 4 person spa really becomes 55 inches and the larger 6 person model 65 inches.

Capacity May Be Exaggerated

Do not expect 4 adults to be comfortable in a 4 person spa or 6 adults in the larger model. You will end up being quite close to your fellow occupants. This probably isn't a deal breaker but better to be fully informed before you decide.

Tip..One easy way to judge the size of a hot tub is to draw out a circle on the ground .. say 55 inches for the 4 person intex model, or whatever your spa measurement is.. A garden hose works well for this. Once you have the correct sized circle, sit in it, ideally get someone else to do the same. You should be easily able to tell how many others might be able to fit. It might sound a little wacky but it's a simple and effective way to be sure of what your getting.

The Intex Inflatable Hot Tub Is Tough

No inflatable hot tub will ever be puncture proof, however the Intex Pure Spa patented "Fiber-Tech" construction is as close as you can hope to get. It offers great structural stability while maintaining a comfortable surface for a restful hot tub experience.

Intex Fiber Tech MaterialFiber-Tech Construction involves a three-ply laminated material that sandwiches structured fibre material between standard PVC material. It's tough, durable and strong. You can easily sit on the walls of this hot tub without sagging or bending. A rigid wall makes getting in and out of the spa safer and easier and offers great support when your leaning back and relaxing.

Softens Hard Water

Having soft clean water in your spa really makes a difference. That's why the Intex PureSpa is such a popular option. Included as standard is a hard water treatment system. You will still need some regular maintenance time, but there are many benefits associated with soft water.

Overtime the mineral deposits found in most tap water will build up in the machinery of your hot tub. Excessive build up can lead to breakdowns, blockages and inefficient heating. These same minerals can also cause skin irritation and itchiness.

The Intex hard water treatment system works by generating an electromagnetic inside the filter housing, as the water is pumped through the filter certain minerals such as calcium become agitated and remain trapped in the filter.

When spa water is conditioned pumps, heaters and piping should all last longer. Your skin and hair should also benefit from softer treated water. For such a budget priced hot tub this is really an awesome feature that is often not included in more expensive spas.

A padded thermal ground cover that acts to keep heat in and provide extra comfort is also included. Although the supplied ground cover does make sitting in the spa quite comfortable, it's thermal properties leave something to be desired.

Tip..To really get the most from your intex purespa, we recommend getting some additional insulation. Placing a layer of builders foam underneath the spa will help greatly with heat retention. Your spa will stay hot for longer and you will save money by not running the heater as often. That's a win win and well worth considering.

When you realise how much heat escapes naturally from the surface of a hot tub, you can understand the benefits of an efficient hot tub cover. The supplied cover that comes with the PureSpa is efficient and works well to keep the heat in. It consists of a thick inflatable air bladder topped with a tough vinyl cover. The cover can be safely secured by means of a number of straps around the outside of the tub.

Having a secure hot tub means toddlers and small children will be safe from any harm, even for the curious the straps are childproof.

What's Not So Good

Intex Purespa BlowerMany satisfied customers have bought this inflatable spa, but there are some consistent complaints raised that deserve mention.

The blower unit is loud when making bubbles. You may be able to lessen the noise by careful placement of the pump/blower unit. Solid level ground is best to minimize noise and vibration. If you want a relaxing and peaceful soak then consider this fact. What is loud to one person however may not be to another and certainly this complaint is in the minority. Some reviews have stated that the bubbles themselves make more noise than the blower.

Can't Heat And Makes Bubbles At The Same Time

The jet pump and heater units are combined which means only one operation can be performed at a time. Put simply you cannot operate the bubble jets and the heater at the same time. This is really ony and issue if you intend to spend long periods in the spa. Doing so may mean turning the bubbles off and the heater on until the water temperature rises.

Changing Filters Regularly Will Cost YouIntex Purespa Filters

The spa filters also seem to be an issue for some people. The filters work well to keep the spa water clean, but they do require regular cleaning and replacement. If your hot tub is in use daily you will need to replace 2 filters every 2-3 weeks. This can add significantly to the running costs of your hot tub. Filters are around $12 for a pack of 2. You do the math. You can save some money by buying filters in bulk. But be warned this is one maintenance routine you cannot ignore. Clean filters are essential for proper water quality and pump motors may fail overtime if the filters become to dirty however you will usually get an error code before this happens.

No Bubble Jets

Intex Purespa
The bubbles produced by the Intex Bubble Massage Spa are adequate and most customers seem satisfied with the volume and intensity. The bubble action is soothing and you can expect a light massage sensation. However don't expect a deep tissue massage. There are no jets with this hot tub and you cannot direct the flow.

The bubbles are achieved by driving air through 120 outlets built around the bottom of the inside spa walls. This 360 degree ring distributes the bubbles evenly but does have an impact on water temperature. If its cold outside the hot tub will be injecting that same cold air into the water. In these circumstances expect the water temperature to drop faster than normal.

Lack Of Seating

There is no seating built-in to this hot tub either. For those who are less flexible you can buy water filled cushions that may be more comfortable. Although the included padded ground cover has a gel like feel and is quite comfortable on its own.

Draining The Spa Could Be Better

The out take and combined drain plug is set about 10 inches from the bottom. This makes emptying the spa a little harder. After draining is finished there will still be an amount of water left, sitting below the drain plug. This water must be manually removed. Scooping out this remaining water takes time and a little effort. The whole process takes around 20 minutes.

Lets Sum it up

Tick Great price. Under $400 for a real hot tub experience.

Tick Setup is quick and easy. Many consumers have commented on the ease and speed of setup. All hoses and attachments are also easy to connect.

Tick Solid construction and secure locking straps for the spa cover.

Tick Built in hard water treatment - a real bonus.

TickWon't hold as many people as is claimed.

TickBlower unit is loud and must be turned off to heat the water.

TickFilters need regular replacement which adds to running costs.

TickNo built-in seating.

TickNot easy to empty out all the water.

Final Thoughts

Weighing up the pro's and con's and considering the price of this hot tub it represents good value for money. For under $400 you get a fully functional hot tub. The bubbles and warm water creating a satisfying and relaxing sensation that matches many more expensive options.

4.5 star rating 4.5 stars

And a guarantee of quality and durability this hot tub is highly recommended for those with limited funds.

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