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Canadian Spa Swift Foam Walled Soft Hot Tub

Canadian Spa Swift Review

With 35 years experience building hot tubs the Canadian Spa Company designs and builds portable spas for the North American and European market

Unlike an inflatable hot tub the Swift Current Portable Spa has walls made from 5-inch thick heavy-duty thermal foam. This foam wall provides superior heat retention and the comfort that comes from knowing your hot tub isn’t going to deflate while your using it.

A soft hot tub with solid foam walls

Canadian Spa Swift Foam WallsSetting up this soft hot tub is super easy. A series of foam blocks fit together to make up the main wall. The outer cover is made from a bottom section and part of the internal liner that stretches about halfway down the main wall. Both sections are zipped together to form a durable and solid structure.

An inflatable cover can be securely attached to provide good heat retention. The Canadian Spa Company supplies an easy to understand demonstration video that highlights those little things you need to pay attention to when assembling.

Since the walls are solid any small punctures in the outer covering are a cosmetic issue only and will not effect your enjoyment of this well designed soft hot tub. As a side note, care should still be taken to avoid puncturing or damaging the inner liner. Keep glass and sharp objects away. One potential puncture threat that is often overlooked is jewellery. Rings and bracelets can sometimes have sharp edges

Deeper than many other portable hot tubs

Canadian Spa Swift Depth The Canadian Spa Swift Current is also one of the deepest portable hot tubs around. At 29 inches deep it is possible for most people to sink their shoulders beneath the surface and enjoy a full body massage. The hot tub is 72 inches in diameter and can accommodate up to 4 people fairly comfortably.

The walls of this soft hot tub are thinner than an inflatable, which means more water and room inside. You can soak in this hot tub a little less intimately than in many other portable models.

This larger internal capacity makes the Canadian Spa Swift and ideal family sized hot tub.

No hot tub is complete without bubbles right? The Canadian Spa Swift Current has 88 massage jets powered by a hard working 500 w massage blower. The air jets are well placed and provide an even spread of bubbles for everyone.

Note: Like any hot tub that uses air to create the bubbles, the colder the air temperature is the quicker the water temperature will drop below optimal. However customer reviews have indicated a comfortable 30-minute spa can be achieved even when temperatures drop below -20c

Packing up and moving the hot tub can be quicker than a similar inflatable tub. Once the water has been drained you can get straight to work. No waiting for the walls to deflate means time saved.

Efficient heating and heat retention

Canadian Spa Swift PumpThe pump, heater and filtration system are all housed in one compact unit that operates quietly. The water filter is easy to access and to change. The thermostatically controlled water heater will automatically start to heat the water when the temperature drops 2 degrees below the set level.

Combine this with the excellent thermal properties of the thick foam walls and you get an energy efficient soft hot tub that should have lower running costs than an inflatable.

What's Not So Good

There isn't much bad that can be said about the Canadian Spa Swift except to say that some customers have complained about the instruction manual. Either that it is hard to understand or doesn't match the supplied components.

However there are a number of instruction videos available that should make installation easier and will ensure things are done in the correct order.

Lets Sum it up

Canadian Spa Swift Hot Tub Solid foam walls mean great heat retention and puncture resisteance.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot Tub Setup is quick and easy. No waiting to inflate.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot Tub Solid construction and secure locking straps for the spa cover.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot Tub Compact pump with efficient heating and water filtration.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot TubPrice is higher than the average inflatable hot tub.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot TubInstruction manual may be difficult to understand.

Canadian Spa Swift Hot TubNo built-in seating.

The Canadian Spa Company Swift portable hot tub offers a top quality spa experience for much less than a fully kitted acrylic spa. Its unique foam walled structure is on par with many hard shell varieties ensuring you get a deep, vigorous yet relaxing massage. Price range $1550 to $2500.

3 star rating Canadian Spa Swift Hot Tub

The internal liner is guaranteed for 2 years while the pump and heater has a one-year warranty..

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