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ALFI Wood Fired Portable Hot Review

For some, the look of a hot tub, its style and the impression that it creates are critical factors when deciding what to buy. A portable hot tub after all, is really a piece of furniture. It can blend with your current décor or it can create a visual accent. Something that stands out and say’s “look at me”.

The ALFI wood fired portable hot tub definitely stands out wherever it might be situated. In the garden or on the patio, it’s got loads of visual appeal. With bright colours, interesting shapes and an appealing mix of vintage and modern. These things are fun and they just scream good times.

Alfi Portable Hot Tub

The design elements in this hot tub are excellent. It’s modular in design and features:

   Moulded handgrips, making it easy to move.

   A heavy-duty clear acrylic cover, with chrome handles. Good for heat retention.

   Built in drinks tray and bottle holder.

   An efficient wood fired water-heating system.

There is only one model to choose from but it does come in a variety of eye-catching colours.

ALFI Hot Tub Colours

Efficient And Safe Water Heating

Alfi Hot Tub Water HeaterThe ALFI portable hot tub heats water with a few simple parts and the laws of physics.

Wood is burned in a separate firebox inside the metal coil. The firebox can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature.

As the water inside the coils heats up it creates a pressure that draws in cold water from the bottom inlet. The cold water is pushed thru the coil, it heats as it rises and gets pushed from the top outlet. This thermal circulation system is very efficient and will heat the water in an ALFI tub, in around 2-3 hours. That’s not long and you can toast some marsh mellows, roast a hot dog, or just stare carelessly into the flames.

Because it requires no electricity the AFI hot tub is quiet. No noisy pumps or blowers. All you hear is the relaxing sounds of a gently crackling fire.

No electricity of course means no bubbles with this style of hot tub but you will experience a warm and relaxing soak. The hot tub itself is a hollow fiberglass mould construction that retains heat and with a good supply of wood it's possible to maintain an even temperature of around 100 degrees for many hours. The included clear hot tub cover also works well to keep the heat in and the dirt out when the tub is not being used.

There is also no built-in seating, however the shape of the hot tub creates a surface that’s comfortable to recline in.

It's Strictly 1-2 Persons Only

While this hot tub has great visual and design appeal it does suffer in one main area.

It’s really not that big. Inside it’s a little over 56 inches, with a depth of a little over 16 inches. Good for one person and maybe two if you want an intimate soak with someone your comfortable being close to. Imagine two people sitting together in the bathtub and you will get the picture.

Despite it’s relatively small size this particular portable hot tub could be a perfect fit for young couples, or singles, who want to soak away the troubles of the day in a relaxing and fun way. You’ll feel good when sitting in this hot tub. It’s also a great pick me up when feeling down.

Sometimes Being Small Is Good

Being small however can have advantages and the ALFI hot tub takes advantage of this. It holds 60 gallons of water, which is about the same as a good sized bathtub. This relatively small volume of water means the hot tub is quick to fill and relatively quick to heat (2-3 hours, depending on the outside temperature).

Another advantage of being small is ease of movement. Weighing only 330 pounds, the Alfi portable hot tub can be easily carried and moved around the garden. Its small size also makes it an extra portable hot tub. Put it on the back of a pick-up and take it anywhere you want. Without the need for electricity you can enjoy relaxing in this hot tub far away from the maddening crowd if you choose. Taken it camping or to the beach and have some fun.

OK, so with all that in mind, lets summarize things.

ALFI Hot Tub Easy setup, quick to fill and heat water

ALFI Hot Tub No electricity required

ALFI Hot Tub Very easy to move about

ALFI Hot Tub Very easy to clean

ALFI Hot Tub Eye catching looks

ALFI Hot Tub It doesn't make much noise

ALFI Hot Tub 1-2 people maximum

ALFI Hot Tub No bubbles or seating

ALFI Hot Tub Requires periodic attention to the fire

ALFI Hot Tub Not cheap, seems you have to pay for style

With a price ranging between $3,500 and $4,500 this hot tub is geared towards those with designer tastes. It rates highly on a customer satisfaction level providing many with a highly positive experience.

4 star ratingALFI Portable Hot Tub

Alfi Hot Tub Features

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Topic: ALFI Wood Fired Portable Hot Review
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Nov 2017
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ShopperGirl says...

My husband and I saw one of these alfi portable hot tubs a while back at a hot tub expo. They look very modern and very small. We are both a little chubby and there is no way we could both comfortably relax in this hot tub.

Definitely suitably for one adult only.

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