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LifeSmart Portable Hot Tubs

LIFESMART with headquarters in Plano Texas, is a leading provider of saunas and spas in North America. They have experienced strong sales growth in the last 18 months. A testament to their range of quality portable hot tubs.

Lifesmart Portable Hot Tub

If you want a few more creature comforts and a level of refinement not available with an inflatable spa. Then something from the LifeSmart range of plug and play solid shell hot tubs may be just what you are looking for. These hot tubs come ready to go. Fill with water and connect to an electrical circuit, thats really all you need to do.

Some features available in the LifeSmart range are in spa LED lighting, water features, genuine hydrotherapy jets, durable rigid outer shell with inner foam insulation. Prices range from $2200 -$3350..

LifeSmart hot tubs generally include a 5 year warranty on the shell and 1 year on electronics and pumps.

Below are a list of the most popular models.

M Spa Camaro Hot Tub

LifeSmart Rock Solid Simplicty Hot Tub

  • Capacity 4 poeple
  • Solid Sahara Shell and surround
  • 12 high therapy bubble jets and water feature
  • In spa 12v lighting
  • Price range around $2900 - 3200

Portable Hot Tub Spa

LifeSmart Retreat Plug and Play Oval Hot Tub

  • Capacity 4 poeple
  • Waterfall feature and LED lighting
  • Thermal friction heat recovery system
  • Price range around $2500 - 2900

Lifesmart Valencia Hot Tub Spa

LifeSmart Valencia Hot Tub

  • Capacity 5 poeple
  • Waterfall feature and LED lighting
  • Ozone purification system
  • 28 Stainless steel high pressure jets
  • Price range around $3000 - 4200

Lifesmart Sierra Spa

LifeSmart Sierra Hot Tub

  • Capacity 5 poeple
  • Waterfall feature and LED mood lighting
  • Ozone purification system
  • 19 Stainless steel high pressure jets
  • Locking Spa Cover
  • Price range around $3300 - 4300

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