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Comfort Line Products & Spa N A Box

The Spa-N-A-Box is probably the flagship hot tub from this manufacturer. With over 100 mini air jets it produces a powerful bubble massage. Assembly with this modular design is easy. The water heats quickly thanks to a 1000w heater and most importantly, the hot tub water stays hot. At an average price of around $1250 - $1800 this portable hot tub is great value for money. The top of the line model comes with real cedar panelling for a genuine touch of luxury.

Spa N Box

There are 3 portable hot tubs in the Comfort Line range.

4 Person Hot Tub

Spa N A Box Portable Hot Tub

  • Capacity 3 - 4 People
  • Custom real wood panels
  • 127 Micro-Air Jets
  • Solid and well insulated
  • Price range around $1250 - 1800

Spa 2 Go

EZ Spa-2-Go Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Capacity 3 - 4 People
  • Vigorous whirlpool action
  • Cushioned side panels for comfort
  • Durable K80 vinyl construction
  • Price range around $750 - 1000

Bali Spa

Bali Spa Portable Hot Tub

  • Capacity 4 People Comfortably
  • Sleek, wicker-style exterior
  • Integrated heat shield for insulation
  • Turbo Wave Massage System
  • Price range around $1350 - 1600

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