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Practical Spa Accessories

Portable Spa RelaxationEverything can seem right with the world when you’re sitting in a portable spa. There’s a feeling of lightness as the foaming bubbles soothe and support your body. As the heat soaks in, blood flow increases, your joints get looser, you sleep better and feel BETTER.

A Portable Spa has many attractive features when you think about it. Apart from the feel better aspect they are relatively cheap and easy to move or even relocate. While most brands come with many standard features there are certain spa accessories that can make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Here is our list of Spa Accessories you may seriously want to consider.

Hot Tub Cover

Portable Spa CoverA hot tub looses most of its heat from the surface. The larger the hot tub the more dramatic this heat loss can be. Consequently having a sturdy well-insulated hot tub cover is just plain common sense if you want to keep your hot tub hotter and keep energy costs down.

It’s a no brainer really.

Many portable spas come standard with a hot tub cover but not all. If you don’t have one you NEED to get one.

It’s also worth looking closely at your existing cover. Does it look like it would provide good insulation and stop the heat from escaping your tub? If not then you may be able to have a more heat efficient spa by upgrading.

Take a look at what’s on offer from the manufacturer first as these generally fit the best. However depending on the type of portable spa you have, there are third party options to choose from.

Hot Tub Thermal Blanket
You can also buy a solar blanket, which comes in sheets that you can often simply cut to size. Looking a little like high tech bubble wrap this extra insulating layer can be used to improve overall heat retention without going to the trouble and expense of buying a whole new cover.

By placing the solar blanket between the water surface and the cover. The thermal bubbles of trapped air can help significantly to stop heat escaping.

A hot tub blanket is easy to place and to remove. It’s a cheap option to improve the overall efficiency of your hot tub cover.

Hot Tub Pad

Providing an extra layer of insulation to the bottom of your hot tub and also providing a level of protection against the ground surface, a hot tub pad is well worth considering. This is particularly so for inflatable hot tubs which generally do not have great insulation on the bottom. If you plan on using an inflatable spa outside then a hot tub pad is something you should try to budget for.

Handi Hot Tub PadHot tub heat will also be lost by being in contact with the ground, more dramatically so when it is cold. The more insulation you can place between the hot tub water and the ground, the more heat and energy efficient your hot tub will be.

The Handi-Pad is a simple system of interlocking and sturdy plastic sheets that create an effective 2-inch layer of extra insulation for your portable spa. They are weather and UV resistant and should last for many years.

Hot Tub Wood Deck Tiles
If you like the idea of having your spa sitting on a wooden deck then take a look at the various types of wood deck tiles that are available. They are easily snapped together and form a floating hot tub pad that will aid heat retention.

By raising the tub above the ground the air gap between provides insulation. For just a little extra money you can really make an inflatable hot tub look stylish with a number of these wood deck tiles clipped together to form a good looking platform.

One of the simplest hot tub pads available is the handi hot tub pad from QCA Spas. This durable synthetic pad provides a secure and stable platform for your outdoor spa. The sheets are 32 in X 48 in which is suitable for certain inflatable hot tubs like Bestway, Coleman and Intex. They can also be clipped together to allow for hot tubs of differing sizes.

Hot Tub Steps

The average portable hot tub stands around 28-30 inches high. If your young and flexible you may have no problem easily getting into a portable spa but for those that are older or just not flexible enough some hot tub steps can make the task much easier. Especially useful for children and the elderly for whom climbing into or out of a hot tub can seem quite intimidating. With many incorporating a non-slip surface for those wet feet. Some also include storage space, which can be handy for your test equipment and chemicals.

Handi Spa Steps
There are models and styles available to suit most budgets and most tastes.

The Handi-Step for portables spas is one of the cheapest options. It’s suitable for both round and square shaped tubs and is sturdy, UV resistant and easy to assemble.

With no hardware required. They can be easily cleaned with soap and water and come in a variety of colours.

If you like the idea of including some storage then look at the hot tub steps from Leisure Accents. These steps allow for convenient access to your spa whilst also incorporating a storage chamber capable of holding things like your test equipment, hot tub chemicals, spare towels and room for more. The materials a re made from a weather resistant synthetic resin that combines great strength with an appealing look.

Star Step Espresso
The Spa Step Espresso from Leisure Concepts whilst not the cheapest, is probably the simplest and most versatile hot tub step available. The top step is reversible, which means it can sit flush with both straight sided and round hot tubs.

The steps are made from quality moulded resin and are capable of supporting up to 700 lbs. The steps are inlayed with a special rubber non-slip compound. Dimensions are 36” wide, 16” high and 28” deep.

Additional Spa Seating

Many inflatable hot tubs, although they might have a padded floor do not incorporate any actual seating. This works for many but some prefer the comfort offered with an actual seat that is raised off the spa floor.

Intex Spa Seat
Intex make a great removable hot tub seat that is also height adjustable and slip resistant. The contoured shape is comfortable and although designed for Intex Inflatable Spas it will work just as well with any inflatable hot tub that lacks built-in seating.

A cheaper option is the water filled spa seat cushion from Blue Wave. Designed to be easily filled with a garden hose the comfort spa seat is made from soft PVC material this is heat resistant and soft to sit on.

For children, adding a seat to your hot tub will mean they can sit high enough to enjoy the warm water and bubbles.

Spa Headrests & Pillows

Although not strictly an essential item a headrest or pillow can provide an extra level of comfort by supporting the neck and head. Some models of pillow can also be used for lower back support.

The Intex Inflatable Headrest suits most of the Intex portable spa range and is a good example of the type of products on offer. They have an attractive appearance and are shaped to maximize support and comfort.

Blue Wave Weighted Pillow
A Blue Wave weighted Spa Headrest is more versatile and will fit almost any type of portable spa. The weighted strap at the back helps keep this headrest in place, while the mildew resistant fabric dries quickly and provides excellent support.

The Canadian Spa Company also make an excellent molded foam headrest for support and added comfort. The headrest fits the Grand Rapids and Rio Grande portable hot tubs.

Blue Wave also manufacture a high quality pillow headrest that doubles as a drinks holder. These items are durable and are designed to fit most standard inflatable tubs.

Spa Accessories for Fun & Convenience

A portable spa is meant to provide a pleasant and relaxing experience. Adding something that’s simply a bit of fun or something that provides a convenience can help to further enhance this experience.

Floating Spa Light
A cheap way to add some fun and extra ambience to your night-time dips is to use a floating spa light. Many are solar powered so they need no batteries. They are waterproof and completely safe to use in your spa. A spa light can help to create an instant atmosphere for those bathed in its coloured glow.

You may at some stage like to have a refreshing drink at hand when you are enjoying a spa. Fortunately there are a variety of cup holders and trays available.

Intex make an attractive cup holder and tray, designed to attach securely to the side of the spa. An easy way to make sure your drinks and snacks are easy to reach.

Personally I have never been game enough to try one of these, but if your more adventurous you might like a floating drinks tray. Some models hold up to 5 large cups and are designed not to tip even when the hot tub jets are on.

SaluSpa Entertainment System
Made for the Bestway range of portable spas, the SaluSpa Entertainment System attaches to the side walls of the inflatable. It offers 2 cup and 1 bottle holders and extra storage for phones, or jewellery.

The really cool thing about this product is that it supports Bluetooth 4 and includes an amplifier and speakers. Connect up your phone or other device and listen to your favourite tunes. You can even use it to talk on the phone. Everything is powered by a high capacity rechargeable lithium battery.

On a more practical level is this Towel rack and cup holder from Intex. It keeps your towels handy and provides a place to keeps your drinks. The height can be adjusted making this ideal for most portable hot tubs. All you need to do is place it next to the tub and adjust the height.


You can cheaply add extra functionality and convenience to your hot tub experience with the right accessories. Those that help insulate are considered the most essential and should be considered first.

Don't go overboard with accessories either. Too many and you will create clutter that may ultimately detract from the whole experience.

A few well choosen Spa Accessories can help to indivualise your hot tub. You will feel even more like royalty and in command of your domain.

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Topic: Portable Spa Accessories
4/5 (1)
Nov 2017
jotheone says...

Do you self a favour and get a good hot tub cover. The only really necessary accessory you need.

Melanie T
Nov 2017
First Poster
Melanie T says...

Useful article.

I agree that one can go to excess sometimes when it comes to spa accessories. This is especially true in a smaller inflatable hot tub.


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