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Hot Tub Temperature And Bubbles Equals Good Health

Hot Tub Temperature
The health advantages of using a hot tub are widely recognized. Both physically and mentally our bodies can benefit from a good soak in warm bubbly water. An ideal Hot Tub Temperature is around 102 degrees and should never exceed 104 degrees. Sitting in anything hotter is likely to cause health problems rather than benefits.

Being sensible and alert to how your body feels is all you really need to do. If you start to feel lightheaded or dizzy, it's time to get out. A good rule of thumb is 15-20 minutes at a time. But depending on environmental conditions and a person's state of well being this may be extended occasionally to around 45 minutes.

Lower temperatures for pregnant women and children

Hot Tub And Pregnancy
For pregnant women and young children the temperature of your hot tub should be lower and never exceed 100 degrees. Prolonged exposure to hot temperatures may harm an unborn child and small children can overheat much quicker than adults.

However for everyone else doctors, medical researchers and scientists have increasingly been recommending a regular hot tub session as an effective way to protect and even improve your health.

Lets look at some of the reasons why this is so.

Stops you getting rundown

You know how it is sometimes.. You get rundown, overworked and stressed. Next thing a sniffle and a cough. Before too long you have a cold. It's not hard to imagine that stress can have other physical effects on our bodies. Medical researchers have estimated that stress may be responsible for a whopping 80% of illness and disease. Things like weight gain, ulcers and other stomach problems sleep dysfunction, neck, back and shoulder pain and even depression can all be caused by stress. For more detailed information read this article.

Thousands of years before any medical research the ancient Romans and Greeks were using hot spas for healing and relaxation. In the 1800’s the Mohawk and Iroquois Native American tribes considered the Saratoga Hot Springs in New York State to have strong healing and curative properties. People are still coming to the springs for their health and well being. The area today is a popular tourist venue with public pools and hot spas.

Taking this into consideration, obviously anything you can do to relieve stress has got to be good for you. No brainer .. right?

Endorphins are power chemical messengers

Stress Relief
Stress is naturally reduced when the body is stimulated either through massage, exercise or other means, like a sense of well-being or pleasure. These types of stimulating activities release chemical endorphins or neurotransmitters. These chemical messengers help the body to handle emotional issues, stress and pain.

A hot tub massage in warm water is one way to release these natural chemical endorphins that can relieve stress and increase pleasure. The hot tub experience is a combination of buoyancy of water, heat, and massage from water jets.

It can be much more than just a relaxing soak. Buoyancy can relieve joint stress by reducing your weight by 90%. Soft tissue injury like a sprain or strain can be improved. By reducing joint stress it is much easier and less painful to perform exercises. Enabling a more rapid recovery. Warm water also increases blood flow in our bodies. Loosening muscles and thus making stretching and physical exercise more comfortable. Exercising in your spa or hot tub 2-3 times a week can help increase your range of motion, flexibility and can prevent further joint damage.

Arthritis Relief And Help To Sleep

Hot Tub Buyouncy
Just sitting in a hot tub can reduce joint inflammation after injury or from conditions like arthritis. The weight of water surrounding the body produces hydrostatic pressure on the body. This pressure relieves joint inflammation and allows for better more freer movement.

During a warm water spa session your blood vessels tend to relax improving blood flow and circulation. This makes it easier for your heart to pump and with less effort.

Evidence from institutes like the National Sleep foundation suggests that relaxing in a hot tub around 90 mins before bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep. A natural reaction to a rise in your body temperature is that your body will start to lower it. This resulting drop in body temperature is the sleep-inducing trigger that can bring on sleep more easily.

Managing stress through a regular hot tub massage in warm water can effectively increases your chances for a happy and healthy life.

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