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Hot Tub Safety For Children

Childrens Hot Tub SafetyGetting the family together in the hot tub can be a great way to relax at the end of the day, however with small children, safety must always be considered. To make sure your children are safe follow these simple tips and reminders. They really are just common sense but sometimes the most obvious things are the easiest to forget.

With a portable hot tub building an enclosure or fence is probably not very practical. After all if you have opted for portability the last thing you want is some solid structure getting in the way. Therefore you need to be extra disciplined when it comes to your safety procedures.

Supervise Children At All Times

Hot Tub SUpervisionAn accident or drowning can happen in just a few seconds. In fact 77% of all drowning victims were out of sight for just 5 minutes. If your child is using the hot tub make sure that you are constantly and closely supervising them. Even if your child is a good swimmer, an accident can happen due to any number of factors.

Some experts recommend staying close to your children when they are in the hot tub. This is generally called “touch supervision” which simply means your child is no more than an arms length away. For older kids this rule may be relaxed a little once you have some confidence that your little guys are behaving responsibly and safely.


Young children, especially those under 5, can overheat more easily than adults because their bodies absorb heat quickly. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that young children should not be in a spa or hot tub if the temperature is over 95 degrees. Exposure should also be limited to a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

A toddler’s body is not well suited for long exposure to spa or Jacuzzi temperatures. Symptoms of overheating can be a racing heart, drowsiness and unconsciousness. All things you should spare your little ones. Use some common sense and stick to strict time restrictions or lower the temperature in your hot tub occasionally so your children can enjoy it as well.

Ear Infections

A simple fact of science is that high temperatures promote the growth of bacteria. If your toddler is prone to ear infections an earful of spa water could lead to an unpleasant ear infection. Make sure your child does not fully submerge their head in the hot tub water and above all make sure you regularly treat the water with some sanitizing agent like Chlorine or Bromine.

Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub CoverA hot tub cover is probably the most important accessory you can own. They keep dust and dirt from contaminating your clean water and they also prevent accidental falls and drowning. Your portable hot tub should always be covered when not in use.

Hot Tub Cover LockMost hot tub covers come with some means of locking them in position, if yours does not try attaching it in some way that makes it difficult for small hands to undo.

When you have a hot tub in your yard there is no greater peace of mind than knowing your children cannot enter the spa when unsupervised because the tub is covered and secured.

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