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Information About Us

About Us

I buy a lot of stuff online, for me it works and is far more convenient than having to wrestle with traffic and pushy sales people. My research is all done online too. Find the right product then find the place where I can buy it the cheapest, it's all straight forward. But in doing my "product research" I often noticed review sites that would provide a little or a lot of information but then just send me to Amazon. Now there is nothing wrong with Amazon they often have the best price, but not always.

The Portable Hot Tub Finder is designed to break from this traditional review website. By combining live price data from a range of top merchants, then searching that combined data to present the cheapest possible prices, not just from one shop, but from many.

The search engine is custom coded and designed to provide only the most relevant products and prices. You can get a much better idea of product pricing by using this website and it hopefully will save you some time and money..

Good luck.